Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Common Sense

Common sense? Are we born with it?  Do we acquire it through lessons?

What makes a first grader think that picking up the dead mouse (or rat) found on the playground is a good idea?

Here is my version of the story.

Since it was recess time and the teacher on duty had not come out yet, I was on the playground. The sun is shining (even if it is 32 degrees) and I am enjoying watching the kids run with joy.

Now two students are running toward me hollering my name (again and again).

Out of breath, one says, "Mrs. Bartel, you are not going to want to hear this." 

I'm thinking--so, why are you telling me?

"Student A and B are carrying a dead mouse or rat, I'm not sure by the tail."

Me--ewwww, gross, yuck! PUT IT DOWN!!!

Thank goodness that is when the recess teacher arrived on the scene. So I quickly filled her in and found my way back into my classroom.

When students A and B came in from recess I asked them politely to go wash. 

They responded that they had. Twice!

So, common sense. 

Mom, when did I get mine?

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