Friday, April 12, 2013

Five on Friday

What a crazy up and down week. I'm glad it is Friday! So much politics is going around my school. I wish teaching was just that...teaching.

What to show? What to tell?

1. I'm loving Just Dance on YouTube. And the kids are loving it. As we began our math lesson this morning I told them that if they worked "hard" (what does that mean anyway---quietly, quickly, or following directions? I'm not quite sure) I would show some Just Dance for our morning recess. It was so cold at 8 am today that I was sure we would be inside. Well, they worked their little selves off, and just as I was thinking about firing up the old YouTube, I checked the temp and it was 37, with a wind chill of 28. The sun was sunning, so out we went. Oh, the drama of sadness swept the room. They did not want to play outside, they wanted to stay in and dance. So, new plan... after the second recess, I would show a just dance and enjoy their free spirits dancing.

2. I have a friend who teaches kindergarten in the town I live in. She even taught my older son's K class. She is adorable, kind, loving and has a HUGE heart. Her class made my class Easter baskets way back when. Today we make a thank you card and each child drew a picture and wrote a story to go along with it. I bundled them all up and dropped them off at her school after my school day ended. She wasn't there, but I left them in her mailbox. I hope to continue this back and forth with her over the next year.

3. Supper tonight was the annual "stuff yourself in order that we may feed the hungry" meal. My family of four went to the MCC sale to eat verenike, cherry moos and pie. Yummo. The real name of the buffet is "Feeding of the Multitude."

When I first moved to Kansas, I was sure that verenike was not my cup of tea. But, I have learned to like it. I LOVE it when my mother-in-law makes it. I compare all verenike to hers. The MCC verenike is fine, but... Grandma Betty's is THE BEST!

4. After we ate supper we headed to the Big Slide. Our boys have been enjoying this slide since they were each 2.

The best was hearing my young adult nephew as he was getting off..."just as fun as it used to be." And watching as a young boy of 3 bonk his head on the first hill, scream/cry the rest of the way down, be consoled by his mother immediately upon arrival at the bottom and then promptly say..."I want to do that again." My boys each got four trips  down that slide.

5. To top off the evening...

Whoopie pie and snickerdoodle cookies. 

Time for bed and some Tums. But first head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and enjoy more randomness in the weekly party.

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  1. I love your Five. I wish I could have joined you for verenika, and maybe some cherry moos. How quickly are the marigolds supposed to come up? I am looking ahead to mother's day and also considering a science/observation activity. Last year we planted grass and I was going to that again (if it ain't broke...) but then I thought maybe I could kill two birds with one stone.

  2. Wow, found you through the linky, and your school sounds so cool! I teach in a suburb of Dallas, so way different from you! :)

    I just started doing brain break dance videos, so I will definitely have to check out the ones you mentioned!

    Teach On.


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