Thursday, April 18, 2013


Breath. I take it for granted. Don't give it much thought. Until I should have.

If I could just stop. Take a deep breath. Listen. Then, when I'm good and ready, speak.

If only.

Walking out to the barn in the mist, through the mud and water, with 12 students, I didn't breathe.

When the sheep got out and the children were chasing them, I didn't breathe.

With the sheep back safely in their pen I breathed. And called the children (and the grown ups) together.

With breath, I realized that I was embarrassed. Apologizing to kids and grown ups is humbling.

I wish I could go to confession. And be done with these feelings.
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  1. Aw... I have a lot of days like that! I HATE the days when I have to apologize to my kiddos! If only I had taken a minute to THINK first, I could have avoided an apology.

  2. How powerful it is to model taking responsibility for something you've done. You teach them humility, the ability to own one's mistakes, and the correct to apologize. Thank you.


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