Sunday, March 10, 2013

Funny PIcs

The best way to spend a Saturday is in a room with other teachers. Right?

Well, not really, I wanted to be home with my family, but I did have a good time.

Kansas Foundation for Ag in the Classroom and Kansas Farm Bureau sponsored a Be Ag-Wise professional development workshop yesterday. I went with 3 other teachers from my school, and there were 5 teachers there from the town I live in.

The day was awesome for networking.

(Thank goodness Rhonda brought chocolate!)

The day was great for being goofy.

I took notes and pictures throughout the day. In Evernote. I loved trying out something new. I missed my notebook, but my notes and pictures are all in one spot.

My goal is not to create farmers in my classroom. I want my students to know where their clothes and food comes from (and I don't mean Old Navy and Dillons) and these days give me ideas on how to do that. I also want my students to be advocates for themselves and the people who raise the crops that they need to live.

The presenter is working at aligning the lessons to the CCSS (or as we call them in Kansas--Kansas College and Career Ready Standards).

So, next year the day could be even better...aligned and ready to go.

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