Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Isn't it the best when, unexpectedly, a student shows that they really know what we have been talking about for the last two weeks?

That happened at lunch today. I am fortunate (or crazy) to invite all the children to eat lunch in our classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I get to be an invisible listener to many conversations.

While I was at my spot today I heard a friend yell across the room (which is not part of our "eat in the classroom standards"), "Look Mrs. Bartel, quarters." And he smiled.

Yes, we are knee deep in CCSS Geometry standards last week and this week. Being able to name something is Standard 1.G.3. Awesome, mark him off. He found it and described it in "real life." 

And that my friends, is what we are all about. Transferring school knowledge into other part of our lives.

Good thing I thought about grabbing a camera. Next comments went something like this..."Will you post that on Facebook?" "Hey everyone, get on Facebook tonight and see the picture!"

I totally L.O.V.E. this class. With my whole heart. I smile so much when I am around them.

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