Tuesday, March 26, 2013

National Geographic Young Explorer

My kids love when we get another issue of National Geographic Young Explorer (NGYE).

Today we dug into the first article in the March issue. All about seasons and arctic foxes.

We covered some science (why are the days longer in the summer, earth's tilt), text features, and writing.

They created a paper that listed changes in weather and the fox as the seasons change. Then we made a class list on the SmartBoard.

They drew a fox for each season and colored it according to how it looks each season.

In writing, many chose to write about seasons or the arctic fox.


Here are some pictures of the groups working on the changes paper.

 It was a bit noisy.
 I let go of some control.
 I think most learned something (while practicing reading and writing and sharing).
 This type of activity really stresses me out. But I have to get better at it. I want to get better at it. The kids and parents and principal want me to get better at it. 

So, I will practice and get better at it. Tomorrow's article is "It's a Small World." An opportunity for me to get better. Wish me luck.

And some kids got to work with the lovely Mrs. Schmitt on sight words. She pulls kids for 10 minutes or so to practice sight words, play a sight word game and be their cheerleader. 

I hope every teacher gets to have a Mrs. Schmitt in their classroom for a bit.

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  1. Arctic foxes are so pretty! So glad the kids had a great day!

  2. I love National Geographic! My fifth graders enjoy reading the articles too - we just did an article summary activity using them and the kids were fascinated!

    I love seeing kids connect across the curriculum to write about what they've read earlier in the day - helps make connections in the brain.

    I know all about noisy kiddos - I call it "loud learning" - thankfully my principal agrees :)


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