Friday, March 29, 2013

Five for Friday (March 29, 2013 Edition)

Happy Good Friday. A day off of school. I slept late, ate french toast that my husband made, and then shopped for a dress. 

I do not wear dresses. But maybe I will start.

The dress I bought is really cute. Now, for some sandals. Next weekend.

On to my five randomnesses. I'm choosing Thursday (and a bit of Wednesday) to highlight.

1. After staring at a jar of jelly beans for 3 days, and estimating how many were inside, we finally got around to counting them. But it wasn't ordinary counting. The beans must be sorted and counted by two's. Love that my kids who struggle with math, did not struggle with this very engaging activity.

2. Each group wrote their number on a paper, and we worked together to figure out how many jelly beans we had all together.

3. Next they used the jelly beans to measure some bugs. They loved this also.

4. This was their favorite part. Eating the jelly beans that they had touched all morning long. They counted out 10 jelly beans (by two's of course) and then could eat them.

5. Before spring break we had another newspaper visitor. We were not all that excited about it. We were tired of visitors. But we pulled through and did it. Now we are super glad we did! On Wednesday a story about my school was the feature story on the front page of the Kansas City Star! A huge photo above the fold. My husband informs me that this is INCREDIBLE. We are truly ecstatic about this coverage and what it means for the future of our school. You can read the story online here and see more photos here.

(Photo by Jill Toyoshiba/The Kansas City Star)

Now, hop on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to link up, read, enjoy and be encouraged.

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  1. What a fun week in your classroom! And news coverage too? Wow, that is fantastic! Happy Easter Alyce!


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