Saturday, July 19, 2014

Celebrations in My Room

Day Nineteen and the Big Time Blogging Challenge

What holiday do I enjoy most celebrating with my students?

These past three years have been challenging, rewarding and full of celebrations. Each year the celebrations were different. Only one was consistent.


I love celebrating birthdays! My birthday, the people in my family, my friends, my students.

Growing old is not a right. It is a privilege that not everyone gets and needs to be celebrated.

And at least once a year I want to feel like the sun really does revolve around me (and maybe some other grown ups and kids do also), so having a birthday celebration is a MUST.

Here's what we did last year (it has evolved a bit):

**We all joined at the front of the class, with the birthday child sitting in the middle on a chair.

**In our best singing voices we sing a sweet birthday song called On the Day You Were Born by Red Grammer, from the album Hello World! The song seriously brings tears to my eyes.

**The kids head to their seats and work on birthday cards. I use this fun printable from Christina Bainbridge. Birthday Book While they work I play the whole Hello World! album. They love singing along and they sound so lovely! 

**The birthday child passes out the treats.

**After every one has been served, the birthday kid has the first bite, and then we can all enjoy the treat.

**When all the birthday cards are written and colored, I put them into a keepsake book for the birthday child to take home. (A really fun cover comes with the PDF from Mrs. Bainbridge.)

That's it! A fun 1/2 hour. Now, I'm off to read what other celebrations my friends have written about.

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  1. so so cute! I have to run out now but I want to check out that little printable you do. I'm sure those books are treasured by each of your students that get one! :-)

  2. Very sweet! Birthdays are a big deal when you're a kid. Thanks for the printable, too. Happy Saturday! ;)

  3. I'm adding the birthday books to my routine too! I'm hoping that will help me enjoy them more. Sometimes (I have to admit) I get annoyed. Sadly it has nothing to do with the kids, it's the disruption to the routine and the occasional CAKE and PARTY that gets dropped off. Now that I said it I feel like a GrInch :(

  4. OK, I feel guilty, ever since I moved up tot first grade, celebrating birthdays went to the back burner. If someone brought something we would sing to them, but otherwise,some birthdays went unnoticed. OK,now I feel really terrible that I just now wrote that. Please don't judge me too harshly. I love your little celebration. I'll have to see what my schedule is like next year since I will have 3 3rd grade classes, maybe I can come up with something for my homeroom class.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. I love celebrating Thanksgiving. The students make hilarious turkey hats and it seriously make me crack up every time when they put them on!!! Great question for the day!

  6. I love all the nice things you do for your kids' birthdays. We can't really have snacks - I think they even tell parents not to bring snacks. I like the idea of them making cards for the birthday child - that would be a nice little something for everybody.

  7. Thanks Alyce for the great suggestions. I think I will give the song and the book a try this year.

    The Very Busy Classroom


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