Thursday, July 17, 2014

Classroom Management and Tuesday

Day Seventeen and The Big Time Blogging Challenge. Today is Classroom Management Strategy.

I have two things to say about classroom management: 1. create a safe, and loving environment; 2. build relationships with ALL of the students and continue throughout the entire year.

Since I don't have much to say about classroom management, I am going to share some photos from Tuesday.

My friends and I agreed that we would go out to eat sometime this summer and maybe shop afterward. Usually that means a 30 mile drive to Wichita.

But we ended up road tripping all the way to Oklahoma City (180 miles south). Wonder why? Because there was a cool restaurant that we wanted to try out.

It is called Kitchen no. 324 and is a farm to plate concept.

I drove. Even downtown. And parked downtown. Not a big deal to some, but to me it was.

I really wanted to take photos in the restaurant, but it was too fancy and the people around us were so professional. I kind of felt like an imposter. What was a first grade teacher from rural Kansas doing in this place???

Two professional ladies with a company credit card on one side and two art guys on the other.

My salmon was delicious, and I tried brussel sprouts for the first time. Yummy.

Know what a cronut is? We got this restaurant's version. A Joenut. 

Apparently Mrs. Jones thought it was funny how I was eating this Joenut.

Next stop... A Lakeshore store! I wasn't that impressed when we walked in (and I might have said so), but by the time I had gone 1/4 through the store, I had changed my tune.

My focus was to find a pocket chart 100 chart. I have big plans for number sense and this is a necessary item. Found it. And a few other very important items.

4 posters,  an alphabet line, a new calendar set, 2 magna doodle type "toys," and a abacus (or Rekenrek).

Next time we go back we think we will stay overnight. And hopefully I can meet some of my Oklahoma bloggy friends. 

If you want more classroom management ideas, head over to Michelle's blog, Big Time Literacy and see what my friends have to say.

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  1. Sometimes it's good when the Lakeshore store is far away. Mine is only across town but since I hate driving I don't go very often. When I do I'm typically there for HOURS! I'm glad you got to lunch with your pals. I get to see some of mine next week!

  2. My fave thing at Lakeshore are the scratch and sniff stickers! Middle school kids love them! You should have totally taken pics in the fancy restaurant. I just had high tea at a hotel downtown Chicago and took a bunch! Especially as bloggers, we have to capture every moment! :-)

  3. I pretty much love ALL teacher stores and could wander for hours in them! Fun, fun, fun! ;) I've never tasted a Joenut or a cronut, so now I'm curious. ;)

  4. That restaurant sounds amazing! And I totally agree with your classroom management thoughts!

  5. First week of August.... tax free weekend in OK! I could spend a fortune in a Lakeshore store! Yikes!

  6. I loved reading about your day in OKC. I live about 10 minutes from downtown OKC and I get nervous when I drive there, which isn't very often. haha I never heard of a cronut (Joenut) or tasted one, is it like a doughnut? Yes, come back again and give me more notice. ;P We could go to Pops and try one of their over 600 of flavors of soda pop. I have never been ther, but Delaney has, she got bacon flavored soda.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  7. Your little road trip sounds fun! Did the food taste fresher? I imagine it tasting like Mom's home cooking. (My mom has a huge garden, so family dinners are always delicious!) I'm jealous of your Lakeshore visit... I don't even know where the closest one might be. As always, enjoyed your post!
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

  8. Too true in your classroom management tips.
    And yea brave you! I know exactly what you mean about big city driving - especially the parking!!!! And I've been to the Lakeshore store in Denver - it does just make you go Wow as you walk in the door.


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