Friday, July 18, 2014

My Must-Haves

Day Eighteen and another prompt from Michelle with the Big Time Blogging Challenge. What are my teaching must-haves that I buy before the school year begins?

I love this! School supplies make me so happy. If I had a different salary, I would buy A LOT of school supplies. For me at home and for at school. 

What do I love: binders, page protectors, pens, markers, paper, laminating sheets. There's more, but that is enough for now. 

What do I make sure to have before school?

1. New pens. Last summer I learned about Frixion pens (great for writing in my plan book) and Papermate Profile pens (such a smooth writing instrument, great for everyday writing).

2. Specially decorated composition notebook that holds notes from book studies or fancy meetings (not faculty meetings), plans, ideas, thoughts, etc. I make sure to put contact paper over it to make it really nice. 

3. A plan book. Last summer I got an Erin Condren Teacher Planner and LOVED it. What I used (besides the weekly planning boxes) were the checklists at the back (great for getting ready for report cards and recording who brought back their reading homework), graph paper to put on seating charts, the year-at-a-glance planning pages. Even Mrs. Jones got one. We loved it so much, that we got another one for this coming year. I figure, I could buy a cute one from TpT, but then I have to print it (in color) and have it bound, so this is cost (and time) effective to me.

What teacher necessities do you make sure are at the ready when school begins? What am I leaving out?

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  1. Do all teachers love school supplies, because I do too! I was just looking around target the other day (before I got paid so I was broke) but can't wait to go get some things! Also, I hope to get an Erin condren planner too this year - Yours are super cute! :-)

  2. That planner looks really interesting. I love to write out my plans but then I always have to upload them :(


    Camp Kindergarten

  3. I haven't tried the Profile pens, but I love Papermate's Ink Joy pens. They look almost the same. I have seen the Erin Condren planners, but I've never had one. They seemed a little pricey and I wasn't sure I would actually use it. I love your decorated comp books. I need to do that, when I am straightening things up, I will find all of these different notebooks that I used once. I also love my Sharpies, Flairs and Mr. Sketch markers!

    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  4. We have the same Erin Condren planner!! I LOVEE mine. This year will be my first one and I can't wait to use it for EVERYTHING!

  5. Ooooo.... I just love school supplies! Makes me think of the movie "You've Got Mail" when Meg Ryan's character messages about the smell of newly sharpened pencils. I like your fancy notebooks and your planner! The planner is on my wish list!

  6. Cute planner! I don't use one, since I upload lesson plans in a program called eChalk. That's what our school district uses for lesson plans and teacher websites. I do love eChalk because it's easy to use, but it's just not as cute as your Erin Condren planner. :)

  7. Hi Alyce, thanks for sharing your list with us! I love the Composition notebooks, but for kids :)

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe


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