Thursday, July 10, 2014

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Just Like...

Day Ten and another Big Time Literacy Blogging Challenge. I really like this topic.
Who are my teaching people who I want to be just like when I grow up?

Gonna start off by saying that I get ideas from and excited by EVERY blog I read. The blog world is what has shown me those people. So, if you want to know who I like--look at my blog list. :-)

That being said, there is a teacher who Mrs. Jones and I refer to A LOT.

We say "What would Julie do?"

I love my Julie story.

Back in August 2012 I began teaching first grade (for the very first time). And Mrs. Jones (my teaching partner) also started teaching first grade (for the very first time). We were excited to teach, but had NO IDEA what we were doing!!

Sometimes I joked--we were the blind leading the blind.

In November of that year I joined Farley and her November Currently linky party. I was #64 in the link-up and Julie was #82. I remember spending the weekend reading every single post she had written. I fell in love with everything she did in her class. I loved her sense of humor.

First Grade Critter Cafe

Back then she was Miss Marciniak. Now she is Mrs. Marciniak-DiBenedetto. 

From her I learned about The Phonics Dance. The Critter Cafe. How to teach writing. Doing art with students. Etc.

We forged a long-distance friendship, that resulted in me going to her blogger meet-up in Ohio during the summer of 2013. (Remember, I live in Kansas, so that's about 800 miles away.)

I remember walking into the restaurant, being nervous and shy. Not knowing who would be there. But as soon as I saw Julie, we smiled, gave each other a hug and took off from there!

Later in the meal, one new friend asked how long we had known each other/when we had met before. It was quite funny to say that we had just met IRL for the first time and that we met on the Internet.

(I am on the left in the white shirt, Julie is in the maxi, chevron dress.)

This past year we even got our students paired up to be pen pals. What a joy. We sent some videos back and forth. I don't think I will get to see her this summer, buuuuut... 

Go see Julie, she is a joy to know.

Mrs. Jones and I both say that we want to be just like Julie when we grow up! Last year Mrs. Jones and I were struggling with something, can't even remember what, and yep, we emailed Julie with our question and she helped us right out.

Talk about nice. She gets no money from us. Just the knowledge that she is helping some teachers from the middle of the country do a better job with their students.

That's one thing I like about ALL of my bloggy friends--the desire to share, help and be a friend to someone who may need a friend. To share ideas, stories, encouragement. 

For me--the encouragement is so huge.

Someday, I hope to pass along to someone just a fraction of what Julie has given me.

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  1. Aw, I LOVE Julie's blog. How cool that you guys have gotten to be friends and had student pen pals! It's amazing how blogging can bring us all together :)

    Carolina Teacher

  2. By sharing on this blog, you are already helping and inspiring a countless number of teachers! So glad we connected, too and thanks for sharing Julie's blog!

  3. I love your story! I feel like bloggy land is where my true mentors are also. <3

  4. Julie sure sounds like a great mentor and friend. It's nice to "meet" such wonderful people through blogging. Thanks for sharing, Alyce!
    <a href="”>Liteacy Loving Gals </a>

  5. That is an awesome story!!! How nice to find a true friend and inspiration!


    Camp Kindergarten

  6. What a great story! I'm heading over to follow Julie now!
    Not very fancy

  7. What a wonderful shout out to a friend! I needed a Julie my first year of teaching first grade too. The teacher I was working with had only taught 5th or 6th and all I had ever taught was kdg. I need to go and check out her blog.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher


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