Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Family

Day Three in the Big Time Literacy Blogging Challenge. Today's topic:

Share about my family.

I am married and we have two sons.

Larry and I will celebrate 19 years married later this month. He works at Hesston College on staff in the communication department. In his evenings and weekends he is a wedding photographer. Check out his work here and here

My older son will start high school in August. He enjoys reading and playing sports (soccer, basketball and track). He plays the trombone in the school band and I require that he takes piano lessons (which he is not pleased with). Our great state lets kids learn to drive a motor vehicle at age 14. WHAT? So that is another adventure we are taking. This is what we are finding--I am not a very good driving teacher. But my husband is (thank goodness). Give me 6 year-olds and I'm good, but this car/van thing is more than my blood pressure can handle.

My younger son will start 6th grade in August. He loves computer games and often speaks a language that I do not understand. He is playing baseball this summer, but he is too young to play for the school. He plays the trumpet in the school band and I require him to take piano lessons as well. I wonder what driving will be like for him...

These kids have the same mom and dad, but are so totally different. How does that happen?

Both of my kids are determined in their convictions and I have no idea where that will lead them. To the ends of the earth? I hope it's closer to me. But if their calling is away, I will be happy for them and support them always. 

My parents and brother live 800 miles away from me in Indiana. My sister and her family live in Oregon for a couple more weeks, then they are moving to Ohio.

My parents-in-law live in my little town and we are fortunate to see them weekly. My other in-laws live nearby and two hours away. We don't see them nearly enough.

Remember to head over and read/discover some new blogs. I have already made new friends. How exciting. You know the song?

"Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the part about your son learning to drive. Scary stuff! :)

  2. Your boys are so cute and look like lots of fun - I can see how the driving would raise your blood pressure...I can only imagine! Your husband's job sounds awesome! I'm about to go check out some of his work!
    Glad you're making new blogging friends with the challenge! :-)

  3. That first family photo of yours is amazing. Great shot!

  4. I'm so glad we're blogging together because of the Challenge! Your boys look like they just love fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog to learn about my family, too. Looking forward to your upcoming posts! :)

  5. You have a beautiful family! It's great to hear you talk about your children that way! You have great perspective!

  6. My grandparents live in Hesston! :) And my mom was born and raised in Indiana. Connections, connections!
    Sarah :) from Mrs. Jones Teaches

  7. Alyce, I loved your post! It was so nice getting to know you a little bit better. Your pictures are beautiful. My daughter starts high school this year too. We will have to commiserate together!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade


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