Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Vacation

Day Six in July and the Big Time Literacy Blogging Challenge continues.

Let's talk about vacations. 

I've been on vacation (from my paying job) for six weeks. When I counted that up recently, I was confused...really, it's been that long?? We haven't taken a family vacation because of my husbands' weekend job, summer camp for my sons, baseball games, and basketball games.

But sometime this month we will be gone for a while. I won't say when, because that's just not safe, right?

We will travel East to the other Midwest (Indiana-growing up, I knew I lived in the Midwest, but when I moved to Kansas, well, let's just say some folks made fun of that). 

We will: 
See my mom, dad, and brother.
See a MLB game.
Go to a fancy museum.
Eat some crazy good donuts.
Get on each others nerves (because we are not used to being that "together").
Miniature golf.
And who knows what else...

We will also be exercising our ability to be flexible, and go with the flow. That is hard for at least 3 of us. We want to know what is expected at every moment, so that we can plan.

But it will be fun. We will make memories. We will write down funny sayings (maybe that is just me).

Sidenote: several (or more) years ago one son was heard saying on the trip back to Kansas, "I think I am the funniest one on the trip so far."

Needless to say, I am looking forward to this time of togetherness and memory making.

Thanks again, Michelle for these prompts, a linky party, and the challenge. 

Have you vacationed yet? Will you? 
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  1. I am getting ready to join this challenge. I was planning to join it DAYS ago, but time just got away. *sigh* We are not vacationing this year, but going to Rolling Hills Zoo yesterday with friends and then going to races in Belleville was pretty vacation-like! I think your vacation sounds lovely!

  2. Haha, I could totally hear myself saying i'm the funniest when I was little. It's crazy how much you have to compromise and go with the flow on vacation! And to think I THOUGHT I was easy-going. I'm sure kids make it EVEN EASIER! Enjoy!

  3. I don't know how you are doing this challenge. It would be difficult for me. 1) I would run out of things to say. 2) It takes me too long to write a post, especially when there are pictures involved.

    Delaney and I are taking a mini vacation to Texas tomorrow. We will only be gone a couple of days, but she is very excited about it. I loved reading of what to expect from your trip. I remember a lot of arguing when my family would go on a trip. My sisters and I would want to sing the whole brother was against it. Ha!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  4. Haha, we just got back from vacation (and I'm catching up on all my fav blogs) and getting on each other's nerves is definitely part of it. Sara


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