Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday (July 11, 2014)

Today I am very happy to share five random photos of my week. And by five I mean, five ideas with multiple photos related to each idea. You are lucky today!

I will then link this post to the wonderful Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching (for Five for Friday) and leave some comment love on those around me. Lastly I will link this post to Michelle from Big Time Teaching (for the blogging challenge) and leave some comment love there. 

Should you also feel the desire to leave comments, any one of the blogger-writers would love to read them. 

1. This week I decided that now is the time to purge the file cabinet that I inherited two years ago and the files that I have collected. It was a whim decision, but on the end of it, I am glad that I did.

This is how it started:

Some of the mess:


Found this mimeo gem:

Almost done:

2. At a baseball game this week, it took several adults to figure out where the pitcher should stand.

3. After getting a tiny bit of advice from my son, I got a 2048 tile!! The very next day he got a 4096 ("must be better than Mom" is what he told me). I have since gotten 4 more 2048 tiles on more than that games. So, yah, I think I've got this. By Thanksgiving I will have a 4096 (I hope).

4. I had a Jamberry party 12 days ago and my hostess package came. I'm headed to put some on next.

5. My good friend, Mrs. Jones has finally decided to join this blogland fun. Now it is very important for me to always tell our stories truthfully, because she may also decide to tell them.

You can find her at Two Boys and My Garden School.

Now, to think of a present for two kind ladies (Kacey and Michelle) for hosting these wonderful and on-going parties...

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  1. I love the picture from the baseball game! Hilarious!

  2. I am in the middle of cleaning out my closets at school and boy is my classroom a mess! The filing cabinet is next! The guys figuring out where the pitcher stands is so funny! That is classic!

  3. Seems like you are having a lot of fun and staying active! Nice!

  4. Wow! Organization! Woohoo! More than just a little bit jealous... ;) So how many people can you have and still have "several?" I always mean to look that up. I mean, I know single (boy do I know single...), double, triple, a few and some. How many is several (How many are several?)? I am going to go look right now! I also wanted to mention... I love the multiple photos for each of your five. I think it helps with the big picture.

  5. Doesn't it feel good to sort through stuff? I did when I first moved to my room, and found some mimeograph stuff too. And my daughter got me hooked on that game, too. I haven't gotten as high as you yet - I keep asking her if it's possible. Must be! Sara

  6. I wish I was as close to being done sorting through my stuff as you were. I've got a bunch of boxes out in my garage that I brought home from my old school...I haven't even touch them. I don't think I have any mimeograph copies! lol

    I keep seeing the game, but I have no idea what it is called or anything else.
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