Monday, July 7, 2014

Favorite Book

Welcome to Day Seven of Big Time Literacy's Blogging Challenge.


Books hold dreams. Thoughts. Adventures. Information. The Past.

How in the world am I to pick my favorite book?? My favorites change with the wind, my mood and recent reads. 

I have been very fortunate this summer to read several novels and several professional books. It doesn't always happen.

A book that grabs me and I have to read it at the expense of The 3 C's (cooking, cleaning, and caring for the kids) is the best. I live in that world.

I'm sure I read as a child, because my mom did. But our access to books was very different to what we have now. Now I can borrow a book from the public library or a friend. I can even buy it at Target. Then, well, I guess I had my school library. But I don't remember reading.

When my older son was in fourth grade he had an amazing teacher. As I sat in her room for Parent Information Night I marveled at her classroom library, and the literacy-rich room she had created. This was at a time when I was not teaching or subbing, but I knew this had to be something special.

One of my goals since getting back into teaching has been to love and share books like she did. 

I got so many great kid recommendations from her that year (from her personally, as I developed a friendship with her) and through my son.

We read Percy Jackson (all five books), I discovered The Doll People, and The 39 Clues books. She even introduced me to the Twilight series (even as much as she didn't want to). 

But what are my favorites?

Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors. Especially the Bailey Flannigan series

What have I read more than once? Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and Breaking Dawn.

I think I like "light" books because I need a soft place to land after a long day/year of school teaching and professional reading.

Do you have a favorite book from when you were a kid? Or now, as an adult? 

Thanks, Michelle for another great writing prompt!
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  1. How was reading percy jackson with your class?

    1. Christine,
      I haven't read it with my class, I read it at home with my sons.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who read the Twilight books more than once. New Moon was my fave...kinda sad the whole book until they reunite. Love it! :-)

  3. The power teachers have to get kids interested in reading is amazing. I had a fifth grade teacher who introduced me to really great literature.
    Not very fancy

  4. I've always loved to read, and I want to share that love with my kids. Not sure I'm always as effective as I want to be. I really like Karen Kingsbury too. Maybe for the same reason you do.


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